View Full Version : Mount Carrigain via Signal Ridge Trail on 11/30/07

Great Pumpkin
12-02-2007, 08:10 AM
"For the benefit of Spaderman, there'll be a hike on Carrigain..." (Apologies to "Mr. Kite"). Spaderman and I enjoyed an epic day on Carrigain on Friday 11/30, with a somewhat late (8:45 a.m.) start. We were the only car in the Sawyer River Road parking lot (still ungated; thanks USFS!), and the only hikers on the hill this fine day. Temps were in the 20's, with mushy leaf pits down low, gradually giving way to a dusting of new snow, and at least a few inches of fresh stuff up toward the ridge. Stream crossings were all unfrozen, but manageable (avoid the slippery rocks - doh!). We barebooted until a point above the "mile of birch" segment, after crawling under a significant blowdown, stopping in a sunny spot to put on crampons and layer up before busting out on Signal Ridge. Wind on the ridge was moderate, but the views were fabulous in all directions, especially from the summit tower which we reached a little after 1:30 p.m. A lot more rewarding than my previous visit in 12/06 when all we got was a close up view of a cloud. We finished today in full dark, with the aid of headlamps, a little after 5:30 p.m. Congratulations to Spaderman on No. 43 three-season! We hope to coordinate a three-way 48 4K Finish (say that five times fast) sometime this winter for Spaderman, Creaky Knees (Winter) and your humble correspondent (Winter). As a wise poster to this forum once said, "Summer is waaaay too long!!"