View Full Version : Ascutney via Windsor and Blood Rock Trails

12-07-2007, 02:48 PM
Date of Hike: Dec 7, 2007

Trail Conditions: Mostly packed snow top to bottom. There are a few icy places under the recent snow, most notably the fixed ropes area and around the Futures Trail junction. There are still plenty of rocks and roots to trip over, though considerably fewer than before the last storm. :)

Special Equipment Required: I used snowshoes the whole way, which I think is best. Crampons unnecessary and would only stub on rocks/roots. Barebooting is feasible, now that the trail has been snowshoes a few times, but the traction w/ snowshoes is very helpful.

Comments: I broke trail to Blood Rock, which is worth checking out. Routefinding can be tricky w/o previous tracks, but worth the experience of tracking virgin powder!