View Full Version : Pleasant Mt. via The Ledges Trail

Ed'n Lauky
12-08-2007, 10:27 PM
Date: 12/08/07

Trail and Mountain: Pleasant Mt. via The Ledges Trail

Trail conditions: eight to twelve inches of light powder snow. The trail has been broken in all the way to the top. The light power snow was a bit slick on some of the steep ledges as it does not adhere well to the rock. Otherwise the trail is in good conditions. There was quite a bit of drifting near the top.

Special equipment: Snowshoes might be helpful for packing the trail, but otherwise they are not really useful. Stableicers could be used for traction but not required.

Comments: It was a gorgeous day. The sky was a deep blue, the temperature was in the 20s. Some wind at the top but it was not too strong. The Whites looked like they were clouded over. Surprisingly, for a trail as popular as this one on a beautiful day like today, we didn't see anyone else all morning.

Ed 'n Lauky