View Full Version : Wildcat D via Wildcat Ridge Trail from Pinkham, 12/8/07

12-09-2007, 04:41 PM
Wildcat Ridge trail is tough with 6-12" of powdery snow over slippery rock and at times ice. We had crampons and snowshoes but never used them on the ascent, not enough ice or snow. Lots of time groveling in snow and grabbing trees, as snow covered the rock holds/steps. Took us 9 hours to get from Pinkham to Wildcat D, where we camped and elected to descend the ski slopes rather than complete the ridge, due to concern over the slide area of the Wildcat A - Carter Notch trail section. If you do this trail, take 50' of rope and a few carabiners and some webbing to belay the short gully traverse near the beginning of the trail, it is dangerous. Also, near the top of E peak where 3 wood steps are visible on a rock slab, don't use them in these conditions as they leave you on an exposed slab; bypass them about 20' to the right.

Equipment needed: snowshoes to descend ski slopes, short rope and carabiners. Philosophic attitude.