View Full Version : Jimmy Dolan Notch (Catskills) - 12/14/2007

12-14-2007, 10:31 PM
Trail Conditions: From Prediger Road, about 7-10" of snow increasing in depth up to the col between Indian Head and Twin. I got a late start (1:30) and turn back at the col due to commitments later in the evening.

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes

Comments: Looks like the new parking area is going to be about a .1 mi from the current trail register. The old footbridge by the house has been replaced by a bridge, although the plow stopped just short of the bridge. The trail through the easement seems to be level roadbed now, and .1 mi past the register quite a few trees are flagged and some sapling stumps where some clearing has begun. Site planners did a great job, perfect spot to put a trail head parking area if one had to put a trail head parking area in.

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