View Full Version : Cannon by Kinsman Ridge Trail 12-21-07

12-22-2007, 06:52 AM
John and I parked in the lot by the tram in a bitter cold wind that dropped off as soon as we snowshoed into the woods.
Trail conditions: 7 inches of new powder over about two feet of old snow, packed by previous snowshoers. Stepping off the trail meant sinking.
Equipment: Snowshoes and poles required.
Comments: About half way up the mountain, the trail is cut by a very rough ski trail that makes it hard to follow the hiking trail. The two diverge at the top of the steep pitch where the hiking trail turns left (East) to eventually reach the overlook point. The woods here were coated with rime ice - very pretty. Many tracks of snow shoe hares and bobcats. Great views of the Franconia Ridge from the lookout point. After passing through the "moist sag" just below the summit we lost the trail in a slope of boulders, scrub and confusing trails left by skiers. After trying the most likely routes and both falling into deep spruce traps, we hit our turn-around time - noon - and headed back down. 3 and a quarter hours up, two down.