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12-22-2007, 06:28 PM
Date of Hike: 12/22/2007

Trail Conditions: KRT from Cannon ski area parking lot to scrub broken trail but not packed hard yet. From the "moist sag" the trail is indiscernible with the wind swept snow and no markers to go by. From summit to Hi-Cannon the KRT was broken and soft, but was not broken at all beyond this. Hi-Cannon much the same. Broken but soft. Lots of slipping. Ladders well covered with snow but rungs are slightly visible.

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes and poles essential other wise you'll be postholing 2 feet deep at least with each step. Waterproof gear since you'll likely slip a lot. Luckily the snow is soft.

Comments: Also see yesterdays report (http://www.vftt.org/forums/showthread.php?t=19542)

When crossing the glade ski trail the hiking trail goes almost straight across and slightly uphill at all 4 crossings. At last crossing the trail goes to the right before joining the trail for ~1000 ft, then left into the woods at yellow signs that are hard to miss.

After the "moist sag" I also could not find the trail but found several spruce traps. The wind has swept the snow smooth. Followed lots of tracks, probably from yesterdays hikers, but nothing panned out. By heading right you can find the ski trail which is a short jaunt to the Tram station. I tried to not use this and find the trail but after I sank into a spruce trap up to my neck I decided to use the ski trail.

From the Tram station you can follow uphill on the left a ski trail. Shortly there is path that diverges to the left. Follow this to summit tower. I planned to go down KRT to Lonesome Lake Trail to avoid ladders of Hi-Cannon but when seeing KRT was not broken after Hi-Cannon junction changed plans and went down Hi-Cannon.

From the campground back to Cannon ski area I took the bike path/snowmobile trail since Pemi Trail was also unbroken. A little over 7 miles in a little over 5 hours. 2.25 hours up, rest down.

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