View Full Version : Mt. Moriah via Stony Brook and Carter-Moriah Trails 12/22/07

Great Pumpkin
12-23-2007, 06:40 AM
Trail Conditions: Both Stony Brook and Carter-Moriah were unbroken to the summit of Moriah, but our gang of seven fixed that! Y'all are welcome! :) The segment from the junction to the summit had varying amounts of snow from 12-24" on an unstable base. The honorable Creaky Knees reports sighting a large snowshoe hare that must have been thru-hiking, since he pounded out the CM Trail to the summit; too bad he wasn't bigger. ;) The big stream crossing at 1.1 miles was nicely frozen/snowed over, as were the two smaller ones higher up.

Required Equipment: Snowshoes, preferably of the 30" variety are a must at this point anywhere in the Whites; don't leave home without them. Ditto poles. Left our crampons in the cars.

Comments: A night at Pinkham led to a discussion at breakfast and a decision to forego our original plan to head for Mt. Isolation. Major props go to the six sumitteers, who also did a lot more of the trail breaking than I did: Creaky Knees (No. 37 Winter); Spaderman (a repeat winter trip on Moriah); Roger (trail-buster extraordinaire); Keith (No. 16 in Winter?); RJ (No. 26 overall); and the hiker sometimes known as Little Man (No. 28 overall). I didn't feel great, and decided to turn around on the ledges about 1/2 mile beyond the CM junction, and had a couple of hours of solitude before being caught by the young guns with about a mile to go. Started at 7:45 a.m., and last man out was at 4:45 p.m., in the gathering darkness. Line of the day goes to Creaky Knees: "Hey, we're here to break trail, not wind!!"