View Full Version : Colvin/Blake 12/22/07

12-23-2007, 10:58 AM
Date of Hike: 12-22-07

Trail Conditions: Lake Road is in its usual "highway" condition. A couple of large groups in front of us heading for Nippletop and Dial had a good trail in progress but we passed most of them along the way. Up from Elk pass it was difficult trail breaking the entire way. Lots of deep unconsolidated snow. I was 6th in the train of 7 (we started out as 6 but had an adventurous soul join us at Elk Pass) and it was still tough. Lots of spots would take several minutes just to get one or two footholds. No views from Colvin. The trail down into the col was miserable. No way to get any good traction and shoes would sink in the middle of a controlled slide and send you tumbling. The way up Blake was much the same as up Colvin but the trail breakers had some luck setting steps that made it a little easier for those of us in the rear. Some blowdown that in summer wasn't an issue but there's enough snow now that it gets in the way.

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes a must. Poles were usually more of a problem than a help as they would sink in the snow to their complete height and still not provide any stability.

Hikers on this trip: JayH and Steve (both of whom broke trail all day! Thank-you Thank-you, Thank-you:D!), Jim, Kevin, Alistair and myself (and the guy who joined us whose name I didn't get!)