View Full Version : Slide Mtn 12-27-07

Jay H
12-27-2007, 06:37 PM
From: Slide Mtn Road parking area trailhead
To: Summit of Slide and back to same trailhead

Conditions: Snow/sleet for most of our hike which was a late one, snow was somewhat soft by the Neversink but consolidated real quick as you climbed out of the drainage and onto the Burroughs Range trail. Trail is pretty thick with an ice/hard snow and I found enough traction through the fresh snow to bareboot the entire hike.

Equipment: At most stabilizers at the moment, crampons would be overkill, snowshoes aren't necessary unless you do the loop via the CO trail. From the BR/CO trail junction there was snowed in snowshoe tracks so looks like that route isn't completely packed down yet.