View Full Version : Mt. Martha & Owl’s Head (Rt. 115) via Cherry Mtn & Martha’s Mile Trail (28-Dec-2007)

12-28-2007, 09:17 PM
Date Hiked: 28-Dec-2007

Conditions: The trails are in very good shape. They are broken out, and there are no post holes (except for occasional moose post-holing!)

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes are almost a necessity (for traction if nothing else), and trekking poles are very useful especially on the steeper sections of this trail.

Comments: Trailhead parking in the winter is usually unavailable for this trail, and today proved to be no exception. So, the car was parked on Lennon Road across from the trailhead. Upon crossing Rt. 115 it could be seen that the trail had been broken, but subsequent snow had fallen requiring the trail to be re-broken.

Despite re-breaking the trail, it still only took about 1.5 hours to reach the Mt. Martha viewpoint on Cherry Mountain. However, the views were totally non-existent, UNLESS you sort of used your imagination as to what might be seen (see first photo at link below).

Since there was still loads of time before sunset, and since it was such a great day (except for the lack of anything but imaginary views), I decided to press on to the Owl’s Head viewpoint on Cherry Mountain. However, just like the Cherry Mountain Trail, the Martha’s Mile Trail also required re-breaking. And also, just like the Mt. Martha viewpoint, Owl’s Head was a “viewless point” today.

Despite the lack of views, it was still a fantastic day to be snowshoeing. Sometimes it's the journey that is more pleasurable than the destination.

There are no super-stunning views that were photographed today, but a few offerings can be seen at the link below: