View Full Version : Monadnock, Birchtoff Trail, 12/31

12-31-2007, 07:58 PM
Date of hike: 12/31/07

Mountain: Mt. Monadnock

Trails: Portions of Birchtoff

Trail conditions: just under a foot of light, fluffy, new snow on top of older crust.

Equipment: Snowshoes essential.

Comments: We tried to go to the Park HQ first but the access road is a no salt area. For some reason there was no sand on it either and the rental car I was driving did not have snow tires. If we had had snow tires and/or all wheel drive, we would have made it: instead we got part of the way up and then slid back down. I could see from the tracks that we weren't the first either. (Hey Andrew, ask the state to put some sand on that hill!) So instead we went to the G.P.A. trailhead and snowshoed partway up the Birchtoff. Pretty day and a good way to end the year. Thanks to the nice guy from Cambridge, MA who helped push our *&!@# rental car out of the bank.

- Monadnock Volunteer (sjc)