View Full Version : Redington via CVR (12-30-07)

12-31-2007, 09:41 PM
Conditions: The road is unplowed from RT 27, but there are parking spaces for about 8 vehicles (just leave some room for the snowmobiles) :) . Nice snowmobile tracks all the way to about a mile from the summit, which make for awesome skiing! The last mile had some minor trail breaking, with fantastic views of Abraham and Spaulding. The former tower was blown over and now resides as 2 peices laying in the snow... :eek:

Special Equipment: Skis for the CVR and snowshoes the rest of the way.

Comments: We finally got some blue skies on our little trip up in NW Maine :) . After several days of bushwhacking, we abandoned our plans of hiking Snow Cupsuctic due to Tim Pond Road being barely drivable with 4WD vehicles. After turning around at the ¼ mile point, we went with plan “G” and decided to do the long ski to Redington instead. Turned out to be an awesome day with some great friends.

Fun day with Arm, GO, Skimom, Hamtero, Meri, (HD) “Hot Donna”, Seema, and Brian.