View Full Version : Twins and Galehead

01-06-2008, 10:16 AM
Date of Hike: 1-5-08

Trail Conditions: we encountered unbroken powder, drifted deep up top. But the entire loop is now nicely broken out. Stream crossings are partially frozen, but we crossed without mishap.

Special Equipment Required: snowshoes.

Comments: I left the end of Little River Road at 6:50 AM, caught up with Hiker Ed's group, and joined them as far as the stream crossing, c. 8:15 AM. Went on ahead by myself and broke trail over the Twins, down to the Galehead Hut, up Galehead and back to the hut.

I was carrying a full pack. I would describe the going as "difficult." =)

Ed's group was at the hut when I got down off Galehead. I aborted my plan to stay the night at Guyot, and after they'd done Galehead, I descended with them to the Beaver Brook rest area, grateful for company and a lift back to my car!

Photos http://www.pbase.com/jonathantr