View Full Version : 1/8 - Falling Waters and Old Bridle Path to Greenleaf Hut

01-08-2008, 11:13 PM
Date of Hike: 1/8

Trail Conditions: Only went less than a mile up Falling Waters. Snow was soft but no real problems with my MSR Ascent snowshoes. The stream crossing past the first cascade had no easy snowbridge. I bushwacked around and almost made it across but the snow back at the edge collapsed sending me into the stream. Once I was all wet I turned back.

It was so warm, I had almost dried by the time I got to the OBP junction so I decided to head towards lafayette. Snow was soft with occasional deep postholes even with snowshoes. There were a few annoying sections of bare rock and ice that were hard with snowshoes but it seemed silly to take them off for 20-30 feet.

I went to the hut and called it a day. Conditions were great but my conditioning is off as it has been almost 6 weeks since my last hike. If I was going to head to Lafayette I would have ditched the snowshoes and gone with stableicers. There was a lot of bare rock above the hut.

Coming down, the snow was much softer and postholes were common even with the MSRs. This trail will be a mess soon if it stays warm like this.

Special Equipment Required:
Snowshoes - essential

Comments: Had the trails to myself today.No other cars at the trailhead and no hikers. Amazing on a warm day with views.

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