View Full Version : Tabletop 1-12-08

01-12-2008, 06:35 PM
Trail Conditions: Superb snowshoe conditions. Good hardpack throughout the hike. Some open water spots, especially the low end of the Tabletop trail. Some blowdown from the recent winds but nothing extreme. Worst footing was in the parking lot! Took the main trail up and the ski trail down. Made for a very nice loop. Took the trail that goes down to the Loj campground (from the trail junction to Algonquin) on the return just for something different. Nasty, don't go! Lots of open running water.

Special Equipment Required: Used snowshoes from beginning to end.

Comments: Beautiful day and fantastic hiking conditions. Wind was up at the higher elevations. It was so nice to be hiking and not breaking trail for a change!

Hikers: Tmax and Hikethe115 (aka- M&M)