View Full Version : COP Snow - 3960'

01-13-2008, 08:54 AM
Date of Hike: 01-12-2008

Trail Conditions: The logging road from Rt 27 to the Summer trailhead parking area has been packed out by snowmobiles... as is the "trail" to Snow Pond. I broke trail from the pond to the summit. Hard frozen water soaked snow the whole way.

Special Equipment Required: Skis for the logging road approach and MSR Denali's for traction above the pond.

Comments: This was a fun trip. The ski in was icy... 2 kicks forward, 1 slip back. On the way out things had softened up a bit... lots of grip but slow glide (which for this n00b was good!)
The "trail" from the pond to the summit was non-existent. No blazing, no footbed to follow, no sign anyone had been up there. Just look for "clues" along the way and the route is fairly obvious. 7 hrs RT