View Full Version : Greylock Powerline and Cheshire Harbor, Gould, S.H.

01-23-2008, 09:12 PM
Date of Hike: Monday, Jan. 21

Trail Conditions: 1" of powder on thin crust on top of several inches of powder on top of thick crust

Special Equipment Required: Used crampons and ice axe on the powerline rock band areas. Snowshoes not needed

Comments: Had planned to ski down the road to Cheshire Harbor then follow the "Super Highway" back to Gould's field at the base of the powerline. Had expected to see much evidence of snowmobile traffic but saw zero. Now assume the road is closed because of the construction but still confused why the trails have no tracks. Is the entire mt. closed? Very little snow in the fields at the bottom. Perhaps that has kept the snowmobiles from using the trails.

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