View Full Version : Marcy Gray Skylight Colden 1/23/08

01-24-2008, 07:38 PM
From Loj to Marcy on Hoevenberg trail had 4 to 6 inches of new light powder over hard packed trail. Past treeline to Marcy summit was hard snow with some ice. Winddrifts up to three feet high in spots. West side of Marcy above treeline had exposed rock covered with ice and some spots of hard snow. Some bare rock as well but not a great deal of it.

Below treeline to Gray was mostly light powder over hard crust. Powder was a foot or so deep but some sections had powder up to two feet. No spruce traps to speak of due to last thaw and freeze.

Hiking partner found herdpath from Gray summit. Six to eight inches of light powder over hard snow. We briefly lost herdpath in the middle section but the way we went worked well and we quickly found it again.

Feldspar from Uphill Leanto to 4 Corners was broken out by others (thanks) that were heading up toward Marcy. Trail packed powder.

Trail to Skylight was covered with 6 to 8 inches of new light snow over hard snow at the bottom section. Near the summit was hard snow or rock. Some wind blown snow a foot or two deep. Little ice.

Lake Arnold trail and L Morgan Porter trail to Colden had 4 to 8 inches of light snow over hard pack. Some windrifts on Colden a couple or so feet.

Trail from Avalanche camp broken out by others (thanks) and is packed powder over hard snow.

Steve and I used MSR snowshoes even on the west face of Marcy and it worked for us. Crampons a good option if you want to bring them along.

GPS had about 19.6 miles and roughly 5600 feet of elevation. About 11 hours total with 75 minutes of rests.