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01-27-2008, 11:14 AM

Date: 1-26-08

Trails conditions: Adk Loj to Avalanche Camp: excellent (hard snow). Avalanche Camp to Lake Arnold: 2 to 4 inches of light powder over hard snow. Lake Arnold to Pheldspar Lean-To: 3 to 12 inches on light powder over hard snow. The trail was difficult to follow in some places. Pheldspar Lean-To to Lake Tears: 3 to 6 inches of light powder over hard snow and many drifting snow above 4000ft (over 15 inches deep). Herdpath to Gray: easy to follow for the first minutes, but almost invisible after. 6 to 10 inches of powder and much more (drifting snow). Lake Tears to 4 Corners: drifting snow (easily 12 to 15 inches deep, but easy to break). 4 Corner to Skylight: Every kind of conditions: hard crusty snow, light powder over hard snow, drifting snow (10 to 18 inches) and ice. 4 Corners to Marcy: 4 to 8 inches of light powder over hard snow, some drifting snow. Ice and icy snow above treeline. Van Hoevenberg: North Side of Marcy: some ice above 5000ft, but excellent all the way (hard snow). Herdpath to TTop: hard snow, very easy.

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes, hiking poles. Crampons usefull on the south side of Marcy, but not necessary if you have MSR snowshoes.

Comments: Thanks to the guy who posted the conditions of Gray-Skylight-Marcy-Colden. Unfortunately, the wind and snow covered all is tracks on Gray and Skylight. However, I had a great hike. Total time 9:49. The worst part of the day: driving back to Quebec City after the hike.

Name: Dan