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Fisher Cat
01-27-2008, 08:01 PM
Seeing how the Great Gulf Wilderness was the location of my trailwork "career" as a teenager, I must say I really enjoyed reading this one. (pages 199-210)Here's some neat stuff (at least to me!):
P 199- Promises the "results of the new survey of the Mount Washington Quadrangle will be published by the USGS, probably in 1936 or 1937", until then use the AMC map in pocket of this publication in conjunction "with the AMC map of the Northern Peaks of 1917,which is larger in scale and, in this region, nearly up-to-date."

P 200-The Great Gulf Shelter "for those who bring their own blankets and provisions the Great Gulf Shelter is centrally located. It is an open log shelter beside the Great Gulf Trail near the west branch of the Peabody River, 1/4m. SW from the junction of the Great Gulf and the Six Husbands Trails. It has room for 22."

P 201-Great Gulf Trail-"follows a logging road S on the W side of the Peabody, but not too close to the water, soon passing the Gorham Fish & Game Club' Shelter, open to the public and accomodating 8." I searched the map provided with guide and found that this shelter sat dead S of the Copp Public Campground, and almost dead SW of the Imp Trailhead of that time. Time & Distance, 1936: 7.76m, 6h,20m. 2007: 7.9m, 6h, 25m.

P 204-Madison Gulf Trail-Not much different here. Time & Distance, 1936:From Carraige Road to Madison Huts: 4.5m, 3h,5m. 2007: 5.2m, 4h.

P 206-Chandler Brook Trail-"affords trampers shortest route from Great Gulf Shelter to Halfway House on Mount Washington Carraige Road", in so doing gives trampers the ability "if intending to remain in the Gulf several days to reach supplies which may be fowarded by stage." It also notes "when descending the trail look for ledge of white quartz slightly less than 1/2m. above 4 Mile Post, from there marked by cairns."

P 206-Wamsutta Trail- At one time notes"reliable spring 1/2m. from the Carriage Road." Today there seems to be no mention of same spring in Guidebook. Hiking time is same today as then, 1h, 55m.

P 207-Six Husbands Trail-The name was "applied formerly to the entire trail leading from the headwall of Tuckerman ravine, descending into the Great Gulf, and ascending to the summit of Mount Jefferson. The southern section, from the Tuckerman Ravine Trail to the Carriage Road, is now the Alpine Garden Trail, and that from the Road to the Great Gulf Trail, the Wamsutta Trail." Also " after ascends by a ladder it passes a cavern, 10 yds. R, where snow and ice will be found in August."

P 209- Buttress Trail-"at 1 1/4m. trail runs NW, and then N, keeping near the same level (4,750 ft.) passing through patches of scrub, across patches of rock fragments, and crossing two brooks, then rising slightly through scrub, it passes through a gap between the Parapet and John Quincy Adams at 4,295.ft." I thought this interesting because I personally never saw anything near the size of 2 small brooks when up there before. I wonder if it was a seasonal thing, or eventually just dried up.

Lastly, I have enjoyed the Trip Reports posted for those who have followed the old Adams Slide Trail. Here in its entirety is the book description, P. 208:

"Adams Slide Trail-Heading to the summit of Mt Adams from the 6 Husbands Trail, the Adams Slide Trail is said to be the steepest path of its length in the White Mountaisn. In 1 1/4m. it rises 2,315ft. It begins in the ravine between Mts Adams and Jefferson at a point 1/2m. NW of the Great Gulf Trail. Leaving the 6 Husabands Trail on the SW bank of brook flowing out of Jefferson Ravine, it immediately crosses (last sure water). about 1/8m. from the brook, the Buttress Trail leads E for Madison Huts. The Adams Slide Trail ascends steeply, in the track of a slide. Care is required , especially in descending. Near the head of the slide the trail turns E into forest, then bends to the N and comes out upon the great southerly ridge of Mt Adams, barren and stone covered. the way is rough but plainly marked by cairns. The trail climbs this ridge, and coincides with Star lake Trail for a few rods to the summit of Mt Adams, where it meets Lowe's Path and the Airline. From 6 Husbands Trail to the summit of Mt Adams, 1 1/4m., 2 hours."

That's good stuff! Thanks for reading!