View Full Version : Saddleback and the Horn via ski trails (1/26/2008)

01-28-2008, 11:53 AM
Conditions: Used our Snowshoes all day. Clear skies and little wind at the top and all the way over to the Horn.

Special Equipment: Snowshoes. Didn't use crampons but there were some icy patches between Saddleback and Horn. We were able to get over them with snowshoes. Drifts of deep snow were pretty consistent.

Comments: Went up ski trails as follows: headed out on the Rock Pond backcountry trails, stayed to the left ( West ) and came out on the elbow of the Hudson Highway ski trail. Followed that up to Jitterbug, to Tricolor to the top of the Kennebago T-bar to the summit of Saddleback. Came straight down Tricolor to Green Weaver to walk out. There were less skiers later in the afternoon. Started hiking at 10:00am, back at the base lodge by 3:45pm. Saddleback ski patrol were really friendly and helpful. Beautiful day in beautiful mountains!