View Full Version : ASA C. Osborn Co., Sporting Goods, 8 High Street, Boston

02-01-2008, 06:34 PM
If you are above a certain age, introduced to the outdoors when young, and from the Boston area as I was you probably remember a Boston business called Asa Osborn's. Along with Hilton's Tent City it was what EMS and REI are for Bostonians before there was either. My grandfather outfitted himself there. The reason my mind has been casting back to this particular business is that I refurbished an old pair of wooden downhill skis of '50s vintage and have been using them around the property lately. The imprinting on the tips attest to the fact that they were sold at that shop.

Does anyone else remember Asa Osborn's? What was its history? A Google search didn't turn up very much info.