View Full Version : Abraham via Fire Warden's Trail 2/2 - 2/3/2008

02-08-2008, 02:08 PM
Conditions:Broke trail with approx 8" fluffy snow from the trailhead to the cabin and then up to the treeline. Trail was packed underneath that. A couple of the water crossings were high but manageable even with keeping the snowshoes on. Above treeline, mix of deep snow pockets and ice. We used crampons once we went above treeline. Lost the trail and the cable a couple of times. Fog was thick. We were practically at the fire tower before we saw it. Able to follow our steps off the summit back to trail below treeline.

Special Equipment:Snowshoes, crampons, wind gear.

Comments: Drove in from Jordan Lumber to 4.2 miles. Left the car in a big plowed out section and walked to the trailhead over snowmobile tracks. We stayed to the left at forks in the road until we went over the bridges. Then turned right to reach the trailhead.