View Full Version : Blake and Colvin

02-10-2008, 03:39 PM
Date Hiked: 2-9-08

Trail Conditions: My partner JimD. and I skied the Lake Road Trail to Lower Ausable Lake. Conditions were good. We skied across the Lake to the Carry Trail. Conditions on the Lake were good. We switched to snowshoes and climbed the steep trail up the valley between Mt. Colvin and Blake Peak. There was deep, fresh snow all along the route. The steady grade with a few really steep pitches made for slow-going. We both summitted Blake Peak where conditions were ideal. Jim went on to do Mt. Colvin from the Col and we both returned the way we came in. I slid most of the way down the Col trail which was fun. All in all 10 1/2 hours of great winter conditions and great hiking.

Special Equipment: Snowshoes, poles, and skis. Crampons not needed.