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spider solo
04-07-2004, 06:51 AM
I have read from time to time of people doing a bushwhack up Engine Hill and cutting over to Isolation trail. It gets me to wondering as Engine Hill is to the left of Rocky Branch Trail. Do people just genericaly refer to the high ground (nameless peak?) of Rocky Branch Ridge, on the right, as Engine Hill. Then from the height of the land follow the contours over to Isolation Trail and pick up Davis Path on the north side of Mt Isolation?

The other day I had good luck crossing the river and heading west towards a col between Isolation and Davis. I opted for the high ground of Davis and didn't go to the col itself. Have others gone over to the col...and approach Isolation that way or do them both ?

04-14-2004, 10:41 AM
While some people use Engine Hill to refer to a certain peak, the USGS seems to apply it to the side of the ridge

I have bushwhacked from near the shelter to the Davis-Isolation col 3 times, and also to the col N of Isolation. See the map at http://hikenh.netfirms.com/XIsolat.htm for several routes that use only 1 crossing of Rocky Branch.

spider solo
04-15-2004, 06:58 AM
Thanks for the replies
After rereading the various reports and checking the maps I realized that Engine Hill was most anything on the left side of Rocky Branch Trail...I just had to shake it from my head that people were summiting the hill for a particular reason. (I see now it kind of migrates around from map to map.)
Roy I imagine the Davis col bushwhack was to your liking...it looked pretty nice over that direction when I was in around there a week or so ago. I struck a course parallel to the F bushwack... closer to Davis Mnt. I read one posting of some one coming out at a col north of Isolation and I imagine that would have been the E route. Nice explanation that the unamed summit is sometimes refered to as North Isolation
In the winter I have used the snowcover for my bushwhacks so as yet I haven't been in there during the other seasons...actually for that matter I haven't done much for bushwhacks other than winter usng my own snowshoe prints for a return trail. Looks like nice open woods year round,so I hope to expand my off trail travels a bit to the other seasons and help shake off the dependency of following my own footsteps.
thanks again