View Full Version : Mt Mansfield - Butler Lodge Tr/WampahoofusTr/Forehead to Chin via LT

02-26-2008, 08:45 PM
Date of Hike: 2/16/2008

Trail Conditions: 10-15 degrees, no wind, sunny; Loose Packed Snow up Butler (easy); Wampahoofus to Forehead & LT untracked, difficult to follow; Deep Powder at times 4-5 feet, blue blazes only 1-2ft above snowline; NO Blazes or tracks to follow up Forehead or thru glades to The Nose; Forehead icy, <6" snow; Glades to Nose 3-4ft snow; small spruce traps; Toll Rd and up Chin easy going <6" snow; not icy; windy but good visibility. 25 people or so on the Chin. Descended via Teardrop XC Tr and cut over South to Stevensville Pkg lot; Very easy going; well packed/traveled

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes - essential, Crampons - very helpful on lower Forehead only (though we did not use ours)

Comments: Not a sole out there except us from Butler Lodge up Forehead, thru glades to the Nose.

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