View Full Version : Camping on the porch of JBL is trespassing

04-12-2004, 10:21 AM
If I just read the Trail Conditions post correctly, some of our forum members did a backpack into the Johns Brook Valley and the party decided to camp on JBL's porch.

To other VFTT members, PLEASE do not repeat this. JBL is an old, frame building with no way of putting out a fire should one get going. While it may seem more inviting than sleeping out, it is private property and not allowed. From reading the post, it appears cooking was probably done on the porch as well.
An overturned stove or igniting spilled gasoline on the old wooden structure would probably cost us the Lodge.
I'm sure the party who camped there probably didn't think about it, and I did not want to embarass them. But I think its important enough of an issue that we want to discourage others from doing this as well.

04-13-2004, 10:00 PM
So you think that buildings should be allowed in wilderness areas then?

why was the JBL left standing by DEC anyway if it can't be used?

jsut wondering, never been there, probably can't get there.

04-13-2004, 11:08 PM
Actually, I do...

The Lodge is owned by the Adirondack Mtn Club and happens to be private property, on a number of acres of private property. Any YES, it was standing there before the APA.
I notice your address is Saranac area. Aren't you surrounded by a few hundred thousand acres of wilderness? Wanna ask your neighbors if they should be there as well?
If your issue is that there shouldn't be "inholdings", thats a different issue vs trespass and the risk of a private structure being damaged by the trespassers.
The cannisters were on public land and the interior ranger camps and buildings are all different as they are publically owned and NYS can do what it wants with them.

By the way, a warming-hut program is run out of the Johns Brook Lodge properties every winter. Volunteers go in to hang-around just in case a winter hiker needs rescue or medical attention.