View Full Version : Old Speck via AT 3/1 - 3/2/2008

03-05-2008, 11:46 AM
Conditions: Lots of Snow as you know! We planned on hiking in, camping and going to the summit Sunday so we took a leisurely start. Snow was falling the whole time. Camped off trail at 3400'. Breaking trail to camp not too bad - 1-2 feet over a packed base on the trail. Drifts in places made the snow much deeper ( but fun with snowshoes.). Above camp to summit: lots more snow had fallen. Drifts up to hip level in places. We lost the trail just above treeline and experienced some spruce traps but quickly found the spur trail to the summit. Windy on the tower which allowed some blowing in/out views. Shortly after that, skies cleared for beautiful sunny views! Headed back down, packed up the tent, and down we went. Met two other parties of two heading up so the trail should be well packed as of Sunday (3/2) evening.

Special Equipment:Snowshoes! above treeline wind gear.

Comments: Parking lot is all plowed out