View Full Version : Old Speck AT 4/5/08

Dave the Hiker
04-10-2008, 06:58 PM
It was overcast and humid at the start of the trail. Snow fog all around. Very quite. The three of us headed out at 9am on snow shoes and had a good laugh at the previous traveler who had no snow shoes and was post holeing every ten feet. If this guy reads this we all commend you on your effort, it looked like a very frustrating trip. No views at all but the forest was nicely iced over and very creepy looking with all the fog. The snow was so high that most of our trip was navigated with GPS since we kept losing the blazes, this also put our heads into the melting pine branches. Pretty much soaked through once we hit the summit. Very windy, no view here either. Stayed 10 minutes before heading back down. We ran into a group of three at the very bottom on our way out. Other than that we had the mountain to our self for the day. Very sweet.

4 hours up
2 hours down

First 4000 footer of the year.