View Full Version : Pemetic, N Bubble, S Bubble, Sargent, Penobscot, Cadillac, 4/20/08

04-21-2008, 08:07 AM
Yesterday I hit Acadia for the first time this year, as I needed to do some bare-booted miles to get ready for Alta Peak out in Sequoia National Park in 4 weeks. Obviously, in Acadia, you need to do multiple peaks to get a good training day in.

Sunny, low 50s, light breeze, haze.

I parked at Jordan Pond House, did a loop of the 5 peaks that surround Jordan Pond, then drove over to Bubble Pond later on and did Cadillac West Face.

Note: East Cliffs trail up Sargent has quite a lot of branches and disloged rocks, but I'm sure the trail crew will take care of this soon enough. Also, as usual, the Jordan Cliffs trail is closed due to Peregrine Falcon nesting.

Most trails were surprisingly bare and dry, though I did encounter some soft, knee-thigh deep snow coming down the steep Bubbles-Pemetic trail, especially during the 1/4 mile nearest the summit, in which I postholed a few times, but nothing serious.

The only other tricky areas were the first couple tenths of a mile up the Cadillac West Face trail, where some very wet rocks made for some interesting bouldering. I'm short however (5'6"), these sections may be easier for taller people. The West Face trail overall was very wet in general, but only the large boulders near the bottom posed any risk.

No special equipment needed, though today I'm regretting not having brought sunscreen!

Chris Sprague (sadly, unregistered)