View Full Version : East Branch Trail 4/19

04-22-2008, 02:07 PM
East Branch trail is actually an unpaved River Rd. on the eastern branch, western bank of the Westfield river in Chesterfield, Ma. We started at Chesterfield Gorge and headed south to within a mile of the Knightsville Dam. Within a mile of the dam, the road submerged due to the holdback for the canoe races.
The mileage roundtrip was approximately 12-13 miles. The clear path is flat and even. Surprisingly we found in many places piles of snow and sheets of ice. It would have been really silly to have actually slipped and fallen on an 80 degree day, but we almost did.

Special Equipment: By now, no traction devices necessary. Lots of water. Advils if out of shape.

If the Westfield river wasn't long side the path the whole way, it would have been a much longer day. This one would be perfect for mountain biking or cross country skiing.