View Full Version : Acadia: Beehive to Bowl to Champlain & Gorham Mtns

Dark Pork
04-24-2008, 12:20 AM
Was out on 4/21 and the conditions were delicious. Pre-bug, pre-tourist...

We drove up Cadillac for the sunset and did see some snowbanks and ice, but there was none to speak of on the lower peaks that we climbed. Trail runners all the way.

We started at Sand Beach. Beehive was a really fun trail, very steep with rung-ed climbing throughout.

The loop was approx 7 miles, if I recall correctly, and was very easy to do in an afternoon. Even leafless, the terrain and views were spectacular. The pink granite against the blue ocean and sky, accented with evergreens, were striking.

For a more family friendly hike with kids/dogs/folks scared of heights, just skip the Beehive and hike into the Bowl and go from there.

Long time lurker,
Dark Pork