View Full Version : speckled mountain (evans notch) via stone house, blueberry ridge, bickford 4/30/08

04-30-2008, 06:55 PM
date: 4/30/08

conditions: wet on stone house, but no snow. after blueberry mountain the ridge trail was a mix of clear dry ledge with some snow and big puddles in the shady dips. a few big drifts in a couple spots. around 2500 ft. or so in the woods the snow gets deep and is a mix of bare and long deep sections on the bickford brook trail to the summit.

equipment: gambled on not bringing snowshoes and was ok due to the cooler temps. only punched through a bit in a few spots. on a warmer day i wouldn't have been without them. had a tuned down winter kit. was cold and windy higher up so some extra layers were nice. used stabliliers coming down the first 3/4 mile or so for extra traction.

comments: a nice cool day. water was running high in the gorge and at the pool. first time hiking on the east side of evans notch and it was really enjoyable. moose sign everywhere and extremely quiet. a great summit with views of the surrounding area and to baldface, carter range, mahoosucs, etc. will be exploring that area more this year for sure.