View Full Version : 5/6/08 - Many trails to Mt. Prospect, Williams, Fitch and Greylock

05-06-2008, 08:49 PM
Roaring Brook, Hopper, Money Brook, Mt. Prospect, AT, Overlook Trails to the above peaks
Trail and Mountain names should be posted in thread Title

Date of Hike: 5/6/2008

Trail Conditions: Normal spring trails. Mud where you'd expect it and a good number of blowdowns. Most of the blowdowns have been at least partially removed resulting in generally clear sailing.

Special Equipment Required: Bug repellent. I've been using the non-deet herbal stuff with good results. We'll see if this non-poison stuff holds up as we go into prime biting season!

Comments: This is a great route to Greylock. We took the Roaring Brook trail up to the Sperry camground and camped Monday night. With no road access, we had the camground to ourselves. The Greylock loop is a blast. You start at 2400 feet and immediately gain it all back on the brutal climb to Mt. Prospect (guidebook quotes 1300 foot gain in 0.8 miles). The rest of the hike is pretty mellow after that climb.

Ran into a through hiker with trail name Brer Rabbit who is likely already in Vermont after a March 1 start at Springer. That is an amazing pace! He's a really great guy and it was a pleasur to spend some time chatting.

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