View Full Version : Speckled Mt. loop 5-7-08

05-07-2008, 02:15 PM
Rt. 113 in Evans Notch is still closed. I parked at the gate and walked the road to Brickett Place. Bickford Bk. Trail was mostly dry to about 2200 ft. with about a dozen blowdowns, one bushwhack around and crawl under. Above 2200 ft. and all the way to the summit there was snow, broken at times but in some cases long stretches with up to 3ft. deep. In most cases the snow was firm and totally barebootable. Snow shoes would have made for a faster time, but not worth the trouble of packing. It took me about 20 min. longer over my regular time because of all the test tamping. I came down over the Blueberry Ridge Trail. Just some snow close to where it joins the Bickford Tr., and snow free all the way back, with some ponded water in the cols between the ledges. Plenty of moose droppings. I didn't see any other hikers today.