View Full Version : Borestone Mountain, Monson, ME

05-10-2008, 11:43 PM
Date of hike: May 10, 2008

Trail conditions: perfectly clear. Blowdowns have been cut and removed, no loose rocks, no loose rungs, everything was as it should be. We may have seen 4 patches of snow all day, maybe 3-4 square feet each, and none on the trail.

Special equipment: none. Poles may help a bit, but that's true just about everywhere in the east. Mercifully, there were no bugs, but that will change shortly I'm soon.

I realize you can't always tell trail conditions on other mountains by looking at them from afar, but for what it's worth, the only mountain we say any visible snow on was Big Moose (Squaw) off to the northwest. Barren and the Charibacks looked green/gray to us, not white.