View Full Version : Metacomet-Monadnock Trail: Atkins Reservoir to Ruggles Pond 5/10

poison ivy
05-11-2008, 06:08 AM
Trail Conditions: About 4.5 miles of this 13.5 mile section have painted over blazes (apparently due to forestry issues) that made the trail very challenging to follow. Once we reached the Leverett Co-op, the trail became well blazed and easy to follow -- with the exception of a small bit of trail entering Wendell State Forest. The map indicates a left turn after crossing a bridge over a stream... actually you should stay to the right. It doesn't really matter though, as the two bits join back up fairly quickly. Some mud throughout the hike, but nothing particularly to challenging to deal with. Lots of blackflies if you stopped moving, but they weren't terribly bothersome while we were hiking.

Special equipment: We were all jealous of GetawayGirl who had brought a headnet and was unmolested by bugs during rest stops! Bring a guidebook for the painted over sections... it was extremely helpful for navigating.

Comments: Another nice ramble through the woods... this section only had powerline cuts for views, but Ruggles Pond was very pretty. Two of the team saw what they think was a coyote in the woods. Also, be aware that Wendell State Forest is apparently closed until Memorial Day (despite the fact the gate was open when we arrived. You are apparently supposed to park outside the gate though!) This was our fifth section NOBO hike of the M&M.

The team: Silent Cal, Rocks&Rolls, Cumulus, rlc, GetawayGirl and me for the whole hike... we were joined by Dugan & four-legged friend Caboodle & Lou Hale & four-legged friend Molly for half the day as well.

Pictures here. (http://ivyhikes.smugmug.com/gallery/4910020_DXr5w#293202074_AJkuE)