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05-12-2008, 12:37 PM
Date: 5/11/08

Trails: Up Snowmobile Trail to Slope Trail to Ridge Trial to Ocean Outlook. Down Adam's Lookout to Tableland and quickly onto Jack Williams Trail. Up Ridge Trail to Zeke's Trail to Sky Blue Trail and back on Snowmobile Trail. All in all a 11 mile lollypop of great trails.

Conditions: Pretty much dry everywhere, with a few wet, muddy spots on the lower Slope Trail. The blackflies are definitely out, but the wind kept them away most of the day.

Comments: We have hiked most of the trails in the park, and decided to use the trails this time for a run/hike on this glorious day. We were able to run approx. 80% of the trails, with the notable exception being on the Slope Trail. We definitely had to hike up to the summit! Saw a Black & White Warbler along the Jack Williams Trail, as well as many wildflowers, including purple and white violets, bluets, red wake robin trillium, goldenthread, a few wood anemone and many wild oats. Great day to be outside!

Snowman carried a camera on his fuel belt, and photos can be seen here (http://homepage.mac.com/daniellenryan/OtherAdventures/PhotoAlbum396.html).

Name: Sparkplug & Snowman