View Full Version : Yokun Ridge/Burbank loop

05-17-2008, 05:06 PM

Trail Conditions: Mostly dry, just a couple wet spots due to recent rain.

Special Equipment Required: Nothing special.

Comments: This one I discovered just a month ago while looking for new hikes online. Not too far from the Lee exit off the pike. The Burbank loop took about an hour, 3 miles and change, I think it ran downhill most of the time. The Yokun Ridge trail, started clear, then the trail wasn't that obvious. Later it opened up. Finally after about 1.5 miles? there was a really good view of the the toll plaza entering NY and a big view of the valley. I'll go back again.
Berkshire Natural Resources Council http://www.bnrc.net/
has decent maps available if you wish to purchase or join.

Dave G.