View Full Version : Sugerloaf via AT from Caribou Valley Rd. 5/31/2008

06-02-2008, 01:32 PM
The trailhead was hard to get to and also hard to find. Caribou Valley Rd. was in shambles. We had to build up the road in a few places with downed tree limbs to get over the bridges so we could park at the trail head. The parking area was overgrown which is what threw us off from the description of the trail head. It was also raining pretty hard so all of the tree branches and bushes were sagging. Once on the trail it was easy going until about 3500 ft when we ran into flooding and plenty of blowdowns to climb over. At one point we lost the trail briefly because of the blow downs. We accidentally went straight onto a closed off section of the AT that traverses the top of the slides. If it wasn't raining we would have gotten some excellent views. Nevertheless there was only a small branch laid accross the trail as a warning. We thought is was more blowdown and didn't think twice until we had to scramble the top of the slide. Once on top we found a nice dry cubby on one side of the radio tower buildings that provided a brief relief from the wind and rain.

Gear List:
Poncho (Again)
G-Tex boots
Dry sense of humor