View Full Version : Bearsden Conservation Area Athol, MA

06-07-2008, 06:15 PM
Day hiked: June 5th

Conditions: Trails were in good conditions. The skeeters were very hungry. As soon as we started from the parking lot, they were in attack mode! So, between the humidity and the bugs, it wasn't the greatest hiking day. Bring plenty of bug stuff.

Trails used: Went from the parking lot down the main trail and took the left side trail to the Miler's River. On the way down, we found the "Pudgy-Faced Man" - a stone that did look in profile like a fat faced man. I had seen this listed as a Waymark when I was googling this area. Went up to Sheep Rock where there is a nice wooden observation platform. The last time that I was there with my daughter (4 years ago), she was stung ten times by some hornets or wasps, as she started to climb up the tower. This time it was fine, and great to have a slight breeze up there.

We had lunch down by the river and returned via the Newton Reservoir and back up the trail to the "Sunday Wall" and Round Top. A good trip, but the bugs were difficult to contend with.