View Full Version : Old Speck via Speck Pond/Mahoosuc 6/7-6/8/08

06-09-2008, 08:51 AM
Trail/road Conditions: Speck Pond Rd. is open, easy to follow, and passable to the end (2250') in a Focus (2WD). Two semi-washouts require a little care. From here, the trail is easy to find by looking around the pile of slash at the beginning of the obvious skidder road (end of the clearing), or the road can be followed up to its crossing with the trail at about 2500'.

Speck Pond Tr. is easy to follow, no blowdowns, and fairly dry until it gets steep at 3200', from which point on it is unrelentingly wet, with ankle-deep muck or water at places. After crossing Mahoosuc Arm, the NE part of the trail descending to the pond can be a little tricky to find at points, with some patches of snow a few inches deep.

Mahoosuc Trail is fairly wet and some of the slabby steep parts are a bit tricky. All blowdowns are cleared and the trail is easy to follow.

Special Equipment: Water-resistant footwear highly recommended, and we wished we had poles for some of the steeper sections. Some form of bug defense essential...the biters are out in force.

Comments: Speck Pond Rd. cuts off some mileage and elevation gain, but this is obviously a current logging operation (no equipment was left, though). Driving, parking, and hiking around here could become very interesting if the area is being worked.

Jon Niehof