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05-06-2004, 12:19 PM
Yesterday snowshoe(Shawn) took Jay H and I on a nice ramble on the northern part of Kittatinny Ridge just south of High Point in NJ. First he took us to an abandoned and creepy lodge/cabin featured in Weird NJ, then we bushwacked up to some nice viewpoints. One of the highlights of the trip for me was seeing a large NJ bear, which ran really fast up the hill after we interrupted his lunch of skunk cabbage.

Other highlights Shawn took us to were a plane crash, an old mine, an old farm and some other viewpoints off the beaten path close to the NJ AT. It was quite interesting to be taken on an afternoon trek like this by someone who has lived in the area his whole life and I have to thank Shawn and Jay for a good time the last 2 days. Both snowshoe and Jay H are very strong, healthy hikers and I have no doubt that will rise to the challenge of the upcoming DP dayhike.

After this I went up to High Point by myself and watched a storm come in from Pa. After I did the appropriate state and county high point voodoo/wuju dance and ceremony I ran back to my car as waves of rain hit, soon to be folllowed by lightening. All in all a very good day for exploration.

05-06-2004, 01:13 PM
Shawn helped me out with a backpack trip up there several weeks ago. I agree he is very knowledgeable and very friendly. It is refreshing to know that there are great people like Shawn helping others on this board!!!!

Jay H
05-06-2004, 02:16 PM
Now now folks, lets not inflate Shawn's head too much, his wife is expecting a little Snowshoe sooner or later and if Shawn's head explodes, then what will little snowshoe do?

I enjoyed the hike with both of you, good thing you got that cup of coffee Fred! I'll have to listen to your CD soon, if you ever get to do sound for

Tori Amos, Rush, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel etc. etc, you must invite me over.. ;)

I have a history of seeing lots of bear butts, except for kayaking, whenever I hike in NW NJ, I see bears and typically bear butts as they scamper off into the woods!