View Full Version : Mt. Race via NW Rd./AT

06-14-2008, 04:37 PM

Trail condition: Dry. 85-90 degrees.

Sp. Equip.: Deet, numerous applications. Darn squitos were hungry. Water, lots.

Comments: Hazy at the top. Well, this is another favorite of mine. The trail head is maybe 2 miles south of the Mt. Wash. SP trailhead for Alander on a dirtroad that begins in over the boarder in CT. AMC owned parking on left.
It's all uphill for approx. 2 hours to Mt. Race. Along the way Sages Ravine, many young backpacking campers out enjoying the day. Raced back down to beet the tshowers rolling in.
This one was the prefect prescription for the sedentary previous week in Fla. Time to burn off the many fatty, sitdown meals.