View Full Version : Mahoosuc Notch & Mahoosuc Arm 6/14/08

Jay Meyer
06-16-2008, 08:30 AM
A great trip through the notch and over Mahoosuc Arm in very nice conditions, with Adrian K., Cory C. and Jerry O.

We took a loop route starting and ending at Success Pond Road. Up the Notch Trail, down through the Notch, up Mahoosuc Arm, around Speck Pond and then down the Speck Pond Trail (right name?). There was some snow and ice in the Notch, as expected, but it was never a problem and provided welcome "air conditioning" on a sunny, warm day. There are still some remnants of the moose carcass (spine and leg bones) near the top of the Notch, marked with Tibetan prayer flags. We saw signs of recent trail work in spots, and no significant blowdowns or other obstacles of note. But the bugs were out so you'll want to keep moving and bring good repellent.