View Full Version : Tumbledown via Pond Link/Parker Ridge trails 6/18/08

06-20-2008, 10:05 AM
Date of Hike: 6/18/2008

Trail Conditions: Starting from the Morgan Rd (Little Jackson/Parker Ridge trailhead), we actually took the Pond Link trail by accident, missing a turnoff for Little Jackson, apparently. The trail is in fairly rough shape. It's blazed well enough, but it's getting to be rather overgrown with brush and vegetation. It was also soaking wet, but that's not the fault of the trail maintainers. Lots of standing water though.

The Parker Ridge trail, by contrast, was in much better shape. A few blowdowns, and a bit of confusion near the bottom right after the stream crossing as to which way to go (not well marked there), but we found our way back to the car on Morgan Rd OK.

Special Equipment Required: Raingear on this particular day. Poles very helpful coming down Parker Ridge, as there are quite a few large step-downs, and help with balance over all the gnarly roots.

Comments: Heard thunder shortly after reaching Tumbledown summit, saw a huge dark cloud coming, and high-tailed it down Parker Ridge, just reaching the edge of the woods when the sky opened up. Got hailed on for the first time while hiking!

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