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05-11-2004, 07:51 PM
So Friday April 30th John and I got to my car which was spotted in Gorham at the Carter Moriah Trailhead and proceeded to drive to get John's car at the 19 mile brook trailhead . . . from there we went to Pinkham to shower, clean up and make phone calls. I convinced John who was going to drive back home to join Sean, Laura and I at Liza's cabin. After dinner at the Woodstock Inn we headed to Liza's cabin and were so very happy to see that Liza and Charlie had decided to come up as well. After getting everyone squeezed into her cabin (THANK YOU LIZA) . . . we discussed the next days plan. Liza and Charlie were going to hike the Tripyramids the next day and though I really wanted to hike those, I REALLY wanted to see Sherpa and Donna the next day . . . we all woke up early and made a stop at White Mountain Bagel for breakfast and a bathroom. I am glad we decided to do that since I had a chance to say Hello to Turnbill who just happened to be there . . . :D

At the Welch Dickey parking lot Bob was there and eventually Sherpa and Donna showed up . . . John had been convinced to stay and enjoy the group hike with us and so after some discussion about changing plans and hiking the Tripyramids we finally decided to stick with our Welch Dickey plan and just play Lounge Lizards for the day . . .

The hike was AMAZING, can't believe I haven't done this before and we had the MOST fun hanging out and sunning ourselves.

Met Liza and Charlie back at the Inn for beers and some appetizers before retiring to our campsite at Hancock campground where the "boys" treated us like "queens" and we relaxed our evening away (sadly, without Sherpa) . . .

Here are my pictures on my webshots page:

under Welch Dickey

Sorry it took me so Long to get the Pictures up


05-11-2004, 08:43 PM
What a fun day!! Thanks to everyone, and thanks for posting the pics, Seema!!

Let's lounge again, soon.


05-13-2004, 09:15 AM
Geez, I never seem to have any fun
It's because you're so shy !
You really have to learn to break out of your shell...