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06-29-2008, 09:59 PM
Acadia - Dorr Mtn


Trail Conditions: Started at Tarn on RT 3 as a thunderstorm started to subside. Took Tarn trail to Ladder Trail, where we met some wet bare rock that led to some excellent scrambling up the side of Dorr Mtn. The 0.5m Ladder Trail was fun with iron rungs, and frame ladders to aid in climbing up the steep ledges. As always in ANP, the trails were incredibly maintained with one of the longer continuous rock staircases that I have ever walked. Excellent view of nearby Cadillac Mtn where we could see the silouettes of the crowds. Back down Northeast ridge trail, east to the spring that you cannot use, and south back to our vehicle.

No special equipment, that's for sure. We forgot a backpack (in town for wedding) and just stuffed everything into our shell pockets.

"Thirsty " JChaps