View Full Version : Mt. Greylock: G.Glen trails, Bellows Pipe, Tbolt, AT, Gould

07-05-2008, 09:15 PM
Date of Hike: 7/5/08

Trail Conditions: Trails all in fine shape

Special Equipment Required: Nothing special

Comments: Construction on the summit road (the very top section of road after the junction) has reached the final coat of pavement stage. The turnout at the jct. of Notch & Rockwell roads, which is the trailhead for a descent of the Gould Trail is full of construction equipment, etc. They've removed the Gould Trail sign from it's place at the entrance to the turnout. If you don't know where the trailhead is you won't see it from the road. If you climb from the bottom on a weekday be prepared to emerge into a very busy construction site, at least over the next few days.

One nice thing about the situation: on weekends, only hikers are at the summit these days.

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